The word Grounded. It’s painted on a canvas. Written on my shirt. Printed on my ministry connection cards. 
Tonight my son said, ” what does that mean, Mom?”

Oh Baby, I want you to know,” I thought. 
I explained that it means I stand on the firm foundations of Gods truth. That’s I’m connected to it always. “OK, ” he said nodding his head and moving right along his way. 
As I watched him go God said, ” There’s more here. Don’t be in shallow ground. Go deep in my soil.”
So I did and He was right. There is more. He led me to more formal definitions of the word Grounded.
Grounded: prohibited or prevented from Flying
Hmmm. . . that doesn’t sound like you God. you help me spread my freedom wings and fly high. But then he reminded me that planes are grounded when the weather is bad, when conditions are dangerous – – staying on the ground is peaceful safety in high winds and low visibility. 
Then there’s the educational definition of grounded:Having received thorough instruction in a subject. Being grounded in God’s word means I haven’t just glanced passively but allowed it to become part of my skill set – – my resume of experiences and lessons.
The vision of a football player intentionally grounding a football came to mind. They do that to avoid trouble or when they’re out of options. And we should automatically go to Gods word when we need to stop and re-group or call another play too.
Electrical grounding prevents accidental electrocution by stopping the conduction of electricity. Funny how being grounded in truth prevents us from having enemy thoughts run through us with negative charges scattering about our bodies. 
And finally, I was grounded here and there in high school. When I had been dishonest or disobedient. I know it’s almost impossible to believe but it’s true. This character has been build over time. wink. And when I was grounded, I was not allowed to go anywhere except my home for entertainment, company, or leisure. I was totally cut off from society. Likewise when I am grounded to Gods word, I find my delight there. I find my best friend there. I find my peace and relaxation there. God can give me these things through other means. But often times, this is the only thing that will bring real growth and discipline to me. Grounded to the Bible like a teenage girl to her bedroom. The difference of course is that maturity has taught me that I need this. I can trust this. And there is no reason to rebel against it.

It is truly good for goodness sake from a good source for my total good. Good, good father more than a catchy tune. Good good daughters are grounded in the good ground. 
As for that in the good ground (soil) , they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience. Luke 8:15



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