Dear Bear,


You are the baby who was my baby for a long while and then you unexpectedly became a big brother and then with no notice at all . . . You were my sweetest of babies again. . .

You are joy in its most active form . . . The twinkle and sparkle of sunshine on water. . . The best parts of snuggles, hugs, favorite songs, and perfect weather are mostly what your soul is made of.

And today, your little bouncing body jumped on a bus to kindergarten. And you will go and play and count and sing and run and GROW!!!

But I will know in my soul that you are the gift of sunshine. The comfort of God. And the HOPE that He is faithful to bring. You are my gray bear, Grayson Aaron Holliday, and you are my HOPE. And I hope with all my heart that Gods gifts are real to you – – as real a gift as you are to others.

Love ,

The One who cheers the loudest for you only because we can’t hear heavens cheers


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