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The Blog that Saved My Life


So I have decided to blog. . . to share the inner workings of mind and spirit. . . but let’s face it. One more person blogging is nothing new. . . but every blog is, in it’s own way, a tribute to another blog. I am a creative person who loves to communicate so I obviously love the parts of the blogosphere that I have visited. There are many family blogs that I follow to stay connected to the parts of my heart that live far away from me. And what Oklahoma girl doesn’t like to see what The Pioneer woman is up to. . . especially if that girl is a Okie city girl turned Kansas farm wife. Blogs are thought provoking and entertaining and all of that. . . except for this one blog. . . on this one night. . . a long, long time ago.

Somehow we made it home from the geneticist’s office after finding out that our sweet little baby couldn’t lift his head because he was missing a tiny, little piece of a chromosome. . he called it a “mistake” of cell division. And then he painted a terrifying picture of our future locked in the chains of Prader-Willi syndrome. . . and the little bit of hope that was left in my heart began to die. It left bit by bit with every exhale and every tear that rolled down my face. When we got home that night, everything was right where it should be. . . except for my future. It was gone. I no longer saw the vision of a marriage with promise and purpose. I thought I was prepared for motherhood but now stood in the weight of knowing that I could not walk this road that lay before me.

It was dark and a little chilly as I began to search for the promise of peace. I typed in “PWS and mom” in my search window. If somehow I could connect to some woman somewhere who was living this life – – maybe I could believe that I could too. It was a blog site that popped up that night. . a simple little family blog about a family on the other side of the country. They looked happy. They looked strong. And providing the foundation for the whole miracle was a woman who happened to be a mother of seven beautiful children. . . three of whom happen to have PWS. . . and there happened to be a link to her e-mail. . . and a tiny crack of light came through my deep darkness. Not only did she happen to answer my e-mail but she purposely led me through the water that was too deep for me to manage until I got stronger and the water got more manageable.

Yes, God saved my life that night. He protected my heart. He held tight to my future. He gave me exactly who I needed at the exact moment that I needed them most. And he used a blog to do it.
so every day that I ask Him to help me live my life in a way that is worthy of the calling that I have received. . . .I know He will and I know I will because I know that across the country she does it too, every day. . . So here I am starting a blog with tags like PWS and Mom. . . of course my first blog would be dedicated to the blog (and the woman) that saved my life. . .