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Topics include: 

  • Marriage Geared at Women Only
  • Evangelism
  • Trusting God through Loss and Adversity
  • Battling in Spiritual Warfare
  • Trauma Recovery 

Messages tailored to your theme or event

Carrie has personal experience with sexual abuse, infant loss, miscarriage, marriage struggle and enrichment,  trauma recovery and post traumatic stress, special needs parenting, and girls ministry.  

Christian Sketch Comedy

Need some comic relief? You’ll find it in a vast array of characters created by Carrie. The following are a few of the sketches in her comic arsenal. 

GirlTalk : a funny look at gossip and church culture 

Farm living: perfect for ranch wives, a comedic expose’ of Carrie’s journey from city girl to farm wife

Christmas shoes: four different women each with their own hilarious crisis right at Christmas time. 

Pinterest War: every mother has taken one school project a little too far. This one is a special memory of Carries childhood with her own mother. 

Shades of Love: perfect for valentines – it’s a trip through love and all it’s stages! 

You never know what Carrie will bring to an event . This is an example of her creative testimony through movement. This dance tells the story of the love Carrie shared with her daughter, Ellis Grace and the journey she began when Ellis was called to heaven unexpectedly by way of SIDS.