On Your Sixth Birthday . . .


I do not know how clear or constant your view is from the gallery of saints.

I don’t not know exactly where you are or what it’s like but I know who you are with. . .

Our great love and guardian , comfort and Hope, Jesus.

I know one day I will know all the things I long to understand now.

By now, I thought we would have made more memories than we count. But they are counted in 41 days. By now, I thought I would have gotten good at braiding your hair and knowing your favorites.

By now, I thought I’d know your style, your voice, your spirit, your laugh . . .

There are a million things I think about missing. What I do know is that the place you hold in our hearts is unfading. You’re as much a part of the rhythm of our lives as the sunrise and sunsets. And one day we will be together in a place so bright no sun is needed.

You are my promise, my love.

And He keeps His Promises.

Happy 6th birthday in heaven, baby girl. Party with the angels. Dance with the King. Be loved by love itself and know that more love is coming. Save me a seat, girl. I’ll be there soon and very soon.

I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart.




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