Carrie Holliday hails from the great state Of Oklahoma but now calls the Kansas farm land her forever home. Carrie’s speaking and performance ministry began in 2006. For the past ten years, she has enjoyed watching God reveal Himself through her delivery of sketch comedy and stories of personal testimony. Carrie has the ability to take you on a journey through laughter and tears. Yet, she always remains centers on Gods greatness as the continuous theme of her ministries. She wishes to be known as the respectful wife of Chris (Farmboy) and the blessed mother of Jackson, Gage, and Grayson AKA the “dirty, little farmers.” She remembers her daughter, Ellis Grace as Gods greatest kindness to her. She enjoys running, facilitating the Red Hot Mammas Respect Facebook group, and serving on the worship team at her church. Carrie loves telling groups about Gods greatness and believes her superpower is transparency.
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