Finding Ellis 


I do not think it is possible to give away the plot of a movie called Finding Dory. But just in case *spoiler alert* don’t read this if you don’t want any hint of a detail😉
Sweet Dory was lost from her parents for most of their lives. . . And God spoke to me deeply in their story line which is hidden for much of the movie. We Come to find out that they did not panic. They did not go crazy. They did not search so frantically that they lost themselves. . . They peacefully followed her by doing something each day that built a shining path to their reunion. They were faithful. They stayed. They remained whole. They remained together. They kept hope alive in their hearts. Each day they let their love for her build one more step closer to her home.  

So Lord let us be like those animated fish . Let Carrie and Chris be like the faithful fishes, Charlie and Jen. Thank you for helping us build a path to peace and keep hope in our hearts of a reunion that lasts forever. You’re a good, good Father and we are so loved by you❤️🙏🏻
#EG41 #useEllis2tellus #findingdory


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