When Truth Hurts


Life Verse for Today: 

” I came into the world to testify to the TRUTH. Everyone who BELONGS to the TRUTH listens to MY VOICE” John 18:38
The Truth About the Truth. . . 

This verse sounds all well and good, but what if the truth of your life puts the hurt on your soul. Sometimes the truth isn’t all Roses. Sometimes the TRUTH is that you only have Roses where Rosy cheeks used to be. . . or that your memory of a joy-filled time may be as close as you’ll get to JOY today. Sometimes the truth of your life doesn’t feel like something you want to BELONG to at all. It can feel more like a prison than a purpose. . . and we want to escape the truth instead of listening to its voice.  

For the TRUTH has a name and that name is JESUS. Let us not confuse Him with the One who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Whatever our pain, He is our peace and purpose. Whatever our prison, He is powerful to set our captive hearts free. 

Walking in truth is very difficult for me right now. A simple question like “how many kids do you have” or “how have you been” is complicated by my new truth that is sprinkled with pain. . .my CURRENT truth doesn’t change the ETERNAL truth of Jesus. 

He is the Prince of Peace, not disappointment. He is my wonderful counselor, not my source of confusion. And He is the real WAY, the only TRUTH, and THE source of LIFE. He came to reSTORE, rePURPOSE, and reCLAIM. So I don’t like the TRUTH of my story right now — and that’s OK, because I like the AUTHOR. . . I’ve read a lot of His stuff and it’s all been truly good. . . 

He speaks the truth.

 I belong to the truth and I follow His voice. . . 
#EG41 #useEllis2tellus


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