The Spiritual ICU


I am no longer in the spiritual ICU but my tribe is just as faithful today as they were a year ago to keep me out of the unit and in the battle.  But a year ago today . . . I was in critical condition and wrote the following: 

When you are in the ICU, you are unable to function normally. In most cases, you will be dependent on a person or a device to do what you cannot do for yourself. If you cannot breathe, it may be a ventilator. . . if other major organs are compromised, it might likely be medications and continuous nursing care. . . my spiritual ICU is no different. There’s so much I cannot do for myself right now because my spirit is weak. My hearing is drastically affected . . . and both truth and the enemy of truth call out to me. My own voice and ability to pray is compromised as well. . .
But, you know what else is true about the ICU? It never closes. Those who toil there never rest. One shift may end, but not without a new one beginning.  
My spiritual ICU is no different. The staff there is specialized and well equipped. Their protocols for my care are written by God himself. They are relentless about capturing the perfectly prescribed scripture at the most crucial times. When I see truth dimly, they shine their lights brightly. When I think I hear Him, they echo His promises until they are resounding and bouncing through each hallway in my soul. They will go on the warpath for anything I need – – whether it is sleep or the perfect bench to go where a crib once was. . . they are audacious, relentless. . . praying when I cannot muster a prayer of my own. . rallying me with a battle cry that is new every morning. They look like normal women but Oh! World Beware — they are MY TRIBE. . . daughters of the King yes but also WARRIOR women who battle on my behalf. . . no man left behind and no woman left unRESTORED. . . the tribe has spoken and their words aren’t just encouragement. . . they are Prophecy.
“Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” Proverbs 11:14 
“As one piece of iron sharpens another, so does a group of warrior woman keep each other sharp.” Proverbs 27:17
#EG41 #useEllis2tellus #lovemytribe


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