Pain in the Pew 


Carrie-Okie on Church Attendance when Church Hurts. . . 
It is very hard to go to church right now. Our church home is an awesome part of our family and Gods blessings to us. But a raw and tender heart, a spirit in Intensive Care, and a disappointment in what Gods will turned out to be. . . well, all of those things make a worship service a challenge to endure. . . 

I get my game face on, my war paint set, my Faith resolute, and my desire for the Lord turned all the way UP to Lead worship. . . I set aside my pain and selfish desires so that I can worship Him and be known by Him. . . but I also find myself completely crumpled up and given to sorrow at some point during church. . . the back hallway, ladies room, and parking lot are all marked with my tears. . .and that will continue as long as it needs to because distancing myself from my church home – – from Gods call in my life– His voice and His people is not an option. “Not one Sunday ” is the battle cry of my husband’s strong spirit. When we are thirsty, we go find a faucet. And when we are broken (and we all are) – we go to the One who sees our innermost, secret places knowing just how to make a masterpiece of the mess. If you are feeling like you are too much of a mess to go to church- start going as soon as you possibly can. . . there’s an invisible sign outside that says “Hot Messes Welcome Here” . Grab some kleenex and sit by me. Or any other hot mess in the pew. We are all broken and we are all in this together.


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