The Trouble with Sin


I’m not perfect. I have plenty of sin in my life because I’m a sinner and that’s what we do.  I always thought the real problem with sin was that fire and brimstone stuff. . . the wages of sin are death. . . and because we don’t want to be separated from God for eternity( in other words – go to hell) then we better accept Christ and get right with God. Because as we’ve all heard at camp\conferences altar calls- if you died tonight and you don’t know for sure where you would go- then you need the Lord . . . Well I have to tell you something. That’s all true but oh my people. Sin separates us from God . And that’s not a problem for eternity. That’s a Right Now, OH NO, hold the phone kind of problem. Jesus said that ” in this world there will be TROUBLE- that each day has ENOUGH TROUBLE of its own. . . ” and well, when that trouble finds us, meets us, pulls us in the pit, dashes our dreams and fractures our very soul. . . if when that happens we are far from God . . . separated from the One who comforts and restores . . . then THAT is hell on earth. Our greatest fear isn’t the TROUBLE. It’s trouble in the absence of the goodness and light and safety that is God. Don’t let the enemy fool you on that one. . .he’d love to keep you in the dark long before you die. #EG41 #useEllis2tellus


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