The Farmer Goes to School

The Farmer Goes to School

Dear Gager Rager,

You are my JOY. When you were born, God used his creation of you to heal a part of my heart that was so sad and wilted. . . and with your first loud and angry cry – – a well of joy sprang up in that very spot that was so void. You are strong and protective, wild and defensive, an amazing strategist, and a watchful caretaker of the land and all the equipment that roams it. . .

You love with a BIG love that is aggressive and fierce. And today you took that big heart and strong spirit and jumped in a bus headed to Kindergarten. . .

You are ready to grow and learn and become the person God means for you to be. It is time for the necessary distance and time from the work and soil you love so much.   Rest easy that you, like so many Holliday men before you, will soon be returned to that field for your life’s love and work.

But now is your time of discovery and accomplishment and childhood memories of school years spent at the same place that your Father roamed the halls while wishing He was in the field.

So I pray your heart and spirit can bear this part-time farming gig while school prepares you for your full-time mission in life. . .

As I stand just 10 feet away from a bus that carries the best parts of my soul off to the growing place. . .

And I swallow. . .and I take a deep breath. . . and I give to God what has always been His. . .

Have an amazing year my dirtiest of dirty little Farmers!

Go get ‘em Gager!




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