The Worker and The Wisher


I believe there are two kinds of people in this world: WISHERS and WORKERS. Wishers sit around and they wish that there situation would change, that things would get better, that something better is coming. They wish they hadn’t done this or wish they could accomplish that. The word “wish” sounds like an active verb but it is so painfully passive.

Workers on the other hand get their heads down and their bums up. . . and they work. They toil. They labor. They persist and they push. They pull and tug. They will push a peanut with their nose for a mile if that is what it takes to get it done. They don’t quit. They don’t question. They are not caught sitting around and wishing because they are busy going about the important work they are called to. . . They don’t stop to look around very often but when they do – – they have covered a lot of ground. They have grown. God has taken their effort and He has brought it to the pinnacle of what’s possible.

I consider myself to be a worker. God and I have been working on my character for a long time. We have a long way to go, but I am doing my best and He is sure to do his. Today I had some work to do. I needed to go to J’s school and meet with the kitchen staff. I needed to make sure that they know how important they are in our journey. I had a message to deliver and gifts to bestow and communication plans to make. But as I neared the school, a lump began to grow in my throat and tears began to pool in my eyes. . . my face was tense and every facial muscle I have began working hard at controlling these unexpected developments. My heart began to ache and my soul became unsettled as it started to look for a way out.

You see, there is wishing well in the weakest part of my spirit. . . and some wishes started to float out of that dark place. I wish I didn’t have to have this meeting – – I wish we didn’t have to count calories – – I wish that J had every single part of every single chromosome – – I wish I didn’t have to work at this- – I wish it wasn’t so hard to tell people that he is just like every other child in this world and that he is not like any child in this world at the same time. The worker in me was able to silence these wishes because she was focused on her agenda and the “big picture.”

But when I was done working, I was tired and the weaker parts of me felt strong. And they released those wishes as tears that I don’t need. . . . and I took a deep breath of the Holy Spirit. My shoulders relaxed and I knew that all this work was actually my calling – a calling that I am honored to try to be worthy of ( Ephesians 4:1). As the enemy told me that I do not deserve this rocky road – – I stood in the truth that my God loves me too much to ever allow me to experience what I deserve.

It is good to be a worker. . . it is OK to occasionally get tired. . as long as I rest in what is truly refreshing and comforting and faithful. . . as long as I count my blessings. . . and recognize my Heavenly Father in every difficult step. . . as long as I put my trust in prayers that soar upward and not on wishes that land in the bottom of a well with an empty thud. Yes, it is good to be a worker.



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